How do I setup all my employees on my company account

As a company subscriber you can click the Manage Account menu item when you log in.

From there you can upload a CSV file with your staff members. 

You will need the names and e-mail address of the people you want to add to your account. A phone number is recommended also so they can receive a welcome text.

You can create a CSV file using most spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Docs.  It is very important the spreadsheet be formatted exactly like the example below or the names will not be uploaded.

Once you create the spreadsheet you save it as a CSV, and that's the file you will upload.

IMPORTANT – Some spreadsheet programs offer multiple versions of .csv files.  Be sure that when you save the file it is in the most basic .csv format available in your spreadsheet program.  

Once you have created and saved the .csv file, click the ‘Browse’ button in the ‘Import Sub Accounts via CSV’ section.  Locate the .csv file and double click it.  Finally, click the Upload CSV button.  

Your names will be uploaded and will show up in your Sub Account listing.  Each person on the list will receive an e-mail letting them know that you have gifted them with a subscription.  

They will click a link in the email to set their password. That's it.