How do I share my QR or referral code with someone I want to invite to join?

Referring a friend to try Eat, Play... Go! is a simple process.

  • Select ‘Refer a Friend’ from the menu. 
  • You will be taken to a page with your unique QR code and referral link.
  • If you’re on a mobile device, your QR code can be scanned by anyone using the camera feature on their mobile device.
  • If you prefer to send them the code via text message or email, you can do that too.

When someone goes to our site using your QR code or referral link, the referral is tracked back to you. 

If they join as a paid subscriber you will receive commissions as a percentage of the sale amount. You can learn more about our commission structure and payout time frames by visiting the  Refer a Friend help category. 

Are you a blogger? Do you have a YouTube channel? Are you an Influencer? Our refer a friend program may be a perfect fit. We've recorded this short video below just for you.