How can I see my Refer a Friend activity and set my account up to receive commissions?

Account Setup & Tracking Activity - When you first subscribe to Eat, Play... Go! a Refer a Friend account is created for you automatically.

You can check your referral activity and commission payouts anytime by logging into your Eat, Play... Go! account at and navigate to the ‘Refer a Friend’ link in the top menu bar.

Receiving Commissions - The first thing you will want to do is set your account up to be able to receive commissions.  Eat, Play... Go! uses PayPal exclusively for payment of commissions, so you’ll need a PayPal account in order to be paid. 

Using the same method as before you will navigate to 'Access Refer a Friend Reports' from the Refer a Friend link on your menu, then click ‘Payouts’ in the top menu bar.  This will walk you through connecting your PayPal account to your affiliate dashboard.

You’ll need the e-mail for the PayPal account where you want to receive your commissions.  You can change PayPal accounts anytime by returning to this dashboard and repeating the same process.