How to Give a Gift Subscription

An annual gift subscription is a great way to show you care, or as a thank you to those in your network that you do business with.

Realtors are a perfect example of one such scenario.

Families have just closed on their home, and they are seeking to build a nest and establish their dream life. Wouldn't it be wonderful that as a parting thank you they receive the gift of savings on all their travel? Taking their family on vacation just became affordable thanks to discounts on airfare, hotels, dining out and more.

To purchase a gift subscription all you need to do is click the checkbox on the registration page that reads "this is a gift". 

What Happens Next

After you sign up for the gifted subscription, you'll be prompted by a pop-up window to fill out a form with the fields From(Name), To(Name), To(Email Address), and a Note field:

Once you fill out the form, an email will be sent to the recipient with a link to redeem their gifted subscription.  Their subscription will start once they set up their account.

Account Page for the Gift Giver

When you give a gift, you automatically become a user on Eat, Play... Go! but without full subscription access. This is so you can see the status of your gift receipt.

You can login and go to your account page to see the different options by clicking on the Gifts tab.

One option is "Copy Gift URL". Clicking this will copy the gifted subscription URL. This can be handy if, for example, the gift recipient doesn't receive or loses the email containing the link. 

The other option is "Send Gift Email", which allows you to send the email out again. 

The account page also lets you know whether the gift has been claimed: