Where can I see videos on how to use the platform to save money?

Below are a few videos covering the most common question, along with a complete overview of all areas within our platform. Enjoy.

Save on 1 Million+ Hotels

Search and book top brand hotels like Hyatt, Hilton & more at TRUE wholesale rates. Check out this video.

Disney, Universal & More

Discounts at Theme Parks! Exclusive discounts at all the big names, like Disney, Universal, and more. Check out this video.

Save on Everyday Things

Over 700,000 pre-negotiated discounts on things you do every single day – and it’s sooooo easy! This video shows you how.

Mobile App = Savings

Our mobile app puts over 700,000 discounts right in the palm of your hand. See how it works in this video!

Affiliates Earn Huge Rewards

Whether you’re an influencer with a huge following, or just referring a friend, turn you referrals into real money.

Screen Cast - How to Sign Up

Here we show you from beginning to end how easy it is to sign up and gain access to our website.

Reward your Employees

Love your employees? We thought so. Show them the love by gifting them with an EPG Subscription. The ROI is love!