Subscription Types

There are two main subscription types. Individual and Corporate.

Individual Personal Subscription

  • An individual can purchase an annual subscription for themselves by clicking the Join Now button on our site.
  • This subscription will auto renew after a year.
  • Every subscriber will receive a 7 day trial period before their credit card is billed.

Individual Gift Subscription

  • An individual can purchase an annual subscription for someone else by clicking Gift Subscription on the menu bar.
  • When you purchase a gift subscription you are gifting someone access to our site for a single year.
  • This is a one time purchase for a year and does not auto renew
  • The individual will fill out the credit card field as normal, but the activation of that subscription will be done by the recipient. 
  • Scroll below and read our complete article on gift subscriptions.


  • A company account can be purchased by anyone, to grant access to a type of account that allows the user to onboard / add as many individuals accounts to their access list as they've purchased.
  • Account holders can upload a list or send a custom signup link, which they have access to in their account.
  • Individuals that are uploaded or sent the link will not have to pay, they simply enter their name and email to sign up, or in the case of the list upload, they will be automatically sent login instructions when the list is uploaded (provided they are on the list of course).
  • Account holders can add or remove individuals from their account at any time, so for instance a staff member quits or the account holder is recycling the list on an ongoing basis for some reason.
  • If an individual is removed from a company account by the company account holder, that user does not get deleted from the Eat, Play.. Go! system. They simply don't have access to the benefits. If they log in they will see a message saying they don't have member access, and they then have the option of signing up on their own individual plan if they so choose.